Randy Garciga

Brief info

Entrepreneur with over 1.6 Million square feet of retail centers.

Randy Garciga at age 16 launched his first company Cobra Power in 1979. A High-Performance Marine Engine company located in North Miami, Florida. The success of this company allowed him to diversify into commercial real estate as a vehicle to fast track his wealth. In 1991 during the recession Randy took a bold move and purchased his first shopping center for $2MM in Fort Lauderdale. The property was a 73,000 sf new incomplete retail center that he later finished and sold off for $10.5MM.

In 2009 and in another recession, Randy saw another opportunity. He bought a construction company in New Jersey on a 3-acre parcel of land for $2.6MM. He worked with the city and got it approved for a four story 220 unit apartment building and later sold the land for $14.5MM.

Randy continued growing his real estate portfolio Garciga Properties throughout the years with retail centers. He currently owns over 1.6 million square feet of retail centers in 9 states (NY, TN, IN, WI, MO, MS, IL, FL and SC) with a goal of a center in every state.